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Works as intended

The app works as intended, but it would be greatly improved if it were possible to fine-tune what metadata are displayed. Currently, the choices are "basic", "all", and "raw". The basic info already shows way more than I would like to see. On iOS 5 only, the menu stops working when viewing a photo in full screen mode. The only way to stop this is to force close the app. I look forward to bug fixes and improvements, as this is the only app that truly integrates photos and metadata with maps.

Works great - shows me the data I need to see

This is a little gem of a program if you want to store photos on your ipad and look back at the settings you used in different situations. Pretty professional looking compared to some others. Only suggestion for future versions is to allow the user to select / customize which pieces of data are shown on the right (some I care less about than others).

Not working on my phone.

Didn't seem to be able to see any pictures.


Very nice app!!!

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